Sliding Scale Saturday Lunches 11am to 4pm- on hold

Sliding Scale Saturday Lunches 11 am to 4pm

We recognize that good food made with quality and locally sourced ingredients comes at a cost that can be prohibitive. Sliding scale Saturday lunches evolved from a desire to help make this food more accessible.

Sliding scale pricing provides multiple price points for our pizza. Customers can choose the price point that best reflects their ability to pay, based on their personal circumstances. Many different factors determine ones’ financial privilege and circumstances, the guide provided helps you reflect on where you fall, and to support and be supported by others in your community. For a sliding scale to work, it relies on trust, respect for the complexity of circumstances, compassion and honesty.

Both Hands UNPLUGGED- on hold

Both Hands


5:00 -9:00

 Make a Both Hands date to connect with your family and friends!  It’s challenge by choice: if each member of your party turns off and stashes their phone in the ceramic jar (on the table) for the duration of your meal, you receive %20 off your total bill!!!  Worried you won’t have anything to say? No need. You will find some inspiration in the jar!