Fresh bread on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Whole Hog

Whole wheat flour, water, organic sesame seeds, unrefined sea salt.

Cranberry & Sunflower Seed

Whole wheat flour, sifted whole wheat flour, water, organic sunflower seeds, organic dried cranberries, unrefined sea salt.

Spelt & Flax

Organic spelt flour, water, organic brown flax seed, unrefined sea salt.

Cinnamon Raisin

Organic spelt flour, water, organic Thompson raisins, organic cinnamon, unrefined sea salt.

Light Rye

Sifted whole wheat flour, water, rye flour, unrefined sea salt.

Peasant Bread

Sifted whole wheat flour, water, unrefined sea salt, yeast.


Organic rolled oats, organic sunflower seeds, organic sesame seeds, maple syrup, butter, organic cinnamon, orange zest,  unrefined sea salt.


Thin crust, made with sifted Brule Creek Farm whole wheat flour.

11” – $12.25 plus HST
16” – $24.50 plus HST
Slices – $6.00 plus HST


Choose any three
Additional toppings: $1.50 each
Pepperoni, Ham, Local Italian Sausage, Bell Pepper, Roasted Red Pepper, Hot Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms, Spicy Eggplant, Pesto, Pineapple, Supreme (Artichokes, Olives, Spices and Oil), Goat Feta, Chèvre, Tomato, Roasted Potato, Prosciutto, Double Smoked Bacon, Spinach

Favourite Combos

Angry Hawaiian

Ham, Pineapple, Hot Pepper

Park Avenue

Roasted Red Peppers, Pepperoni, Pesto


Goat Chèvre, Bell Peppers, Ham

Fungus Among Us

Mushrooms, Green Olives, Onion

Gran Torino

Italian Sausage, Green Olives, Hot Peppers

Edgy Eggplant

Spicy Eggplant, Tomato, Supreme